Mount Everbest: Kiss Mediocrity Good-bye

The professional author's personal sherpa

Mount Everbest: Kiss Mediocrity Good-bye

Mount Everbest: Kiss Mediocrity Good-bye

Shuck off being part of the crowd and own it: You don't suck! Join sherpa Julie Sturgeon to gain unshakable confidence every time you publish your romance novel.

An innovative concept, custom made for you

Until now, you've had to piecemeal the advice you need: Expensive coaching services that work with you to get a single manuscript published. Life coaching that focuses on how to handle success and failure in general but doesn't drill down to steer you through specific publishing situations. Workshops that cover one technique. Subscriptions that track one marketing strategy.

Now, you can have it all—and in one place.

Mount Everbest posts advanced writing lessons, emotional perspectives, and helpful resources weekly. The challenges and companionship with other experienced authors seeking the next step in their career? Continuous. Access to a seasoned editor who has been to the summit before? Always!

Where else will you find all of this in one spot?

• Validation.

• A safe space to ask questions you think are stupid (but they're not).

• How-to advice with clear examples.

• A head's up on industry issues.

• A shoulder to cry on.

• Pretty pictures.

• Career planning.

• No meetings.

• Honesty. Lots of honesty.

• Input on topics we cover.

• No pressure to volunteer.

• No agendas.

• No actual death zone.

• Additional pricing layers for personal writing feedback.

You might be a Mount Everbest climber if...

(top left) R.C. Matthews fully embraces the freedom of hybrid writing. Her titles include the Tortured Souls gothic historicals, romcoms, romantic suspense, erotica, and a YA fantasy series. She recently published Weaving Backstory Into Your Novel. R.C. has illustrated a few titles as well.

“Julie Sturgeon and I have worked together for editing on a majority of my titles. Mount Everbest is a great extension of that one-to-one relationship.”

(top left) Michele Arris is the Golden Heart award-winning author of Devil’s Deal and its follow-up book, Devil’s Gamble, published by Simon and Schuster’s former digital imprint. She’s an active member of RWA as she continues to explore her publishing opportunities for edgier and downright steamy contemporary stories with a melting pot of strong, diverse characters.

“Mount Everbest is an excellent place to find my mojo and determine how to put my most professional foot forward in my career.”

(bottom left) Ann B. Harrison is the author of more than thirty-five titles, with more on the way because her brain refuses to slow down. She lives in the gorgeous Hunter Valley in Australia, where every day is a chance to make something wonderful for her readers.

“Being a multi-published, hybrid author, I need a place where I won’t get bogged down with info that isn’t relevant to my writing career. Julie maintains a tight ship, with a focus on up-to-date industry news, trends, and authors’ emotional wellbeing.”

(bottom right) Katie Kenyhercz is the USA Today bestselling author of the Las Vegas Sinners and the Lady Sinners hockey series. She holds a BA in professional writing and editing, an MA in English, an MFA in writing popular fiction, and teaches composition to college freshmen. She’s also a cover designer. 

“Improving self-editing and marketing are definitely my draws to Mount Everbest, as well as good conversation with other authors and editors.”

Loving it so far?

Good. Because there's more. For $9.99 a month with the Writing Coach package, you can opt to join authors looking to dive deep into writing techniques and gain specific writing input, with no contracts or subscription terms. You can cancel anytime—such as when you don't have a work in progress at the moment. Compare Mount Everbest to these common monthly subscriptions:

• Consultation at The Manuscript Academy, sponsors of MSWL and an awesome bunch of folks: $49 for 10 minutes; $99 for 15 minutes and 10 pages reading.

• Life coach: $225/hour (Play With the World)

• Career coach: $49 for 30 minutes with a mentor; $99 for a coach (The Muse).

• RWA membership: $99/year + chapter dues

• Netflix: $7.99 - $13.99/month

• House cleaning: $30/hour

• Book of the Month Club: $14.99/month

• MeUndies subscription: $14.99/pair (Hey, this is awesome underwear. But underwear is not a career investment.)

But who is this sherpa?

We all have bad days. Moments of uncertainty. Days of frustration and procrastination. You don't need someone to patronize you. You don't need strangers typing platitudes at you on social media. You don't deserve a lecture. 

You need to know from a professional in your corner just how you stack up.  

I'm Julie Sturgeon, the sherpa at Mount Everbest. As an award-winning development editor with more than 30 years of writing experience, I've developed nearly 300 romance and women's fiction titles by more than 100 individual authors.

I was onboard as a development editor and imprint manager with Crimson Romance (Simon and Schuster) from its opening day. Today, I'm a development editor with Tule Publishing in addition to working with independent authors. 

You need a guide by your side. You need an occasional whiff of oxygen. You need a swift kick in the butt to take the next step forward.

You need me.

Any questions?

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